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Let Hunting for Greatness guide your reconnection with nature by providing MUST-HAVE resources!

Front covers of Pat Gatz's acclaimed books: 'The Simple Hunting Guide', 'Eat My Meat', and 'The Ultimate Hunters Wild Game!

🌲🏹 Welcome to a World Where Tradition Meets Triumph!

We're not just about hunting; we're about reigniting your connection to Mother Nature, one person at a time! Dive into the depths of Algonquin wisdom with Chief Pat Gatz - Little Eagle, and transform your outdoor experiences into a journey of self-discovery and GREATNESS! Live the right way, the only way, THE NATIVE WAYS!

🔥 Ready to Step Up Your Hunting Game? Grab your copies now and embark on a journey that’s about more than just hunting – it’s about living THE NATIVE WAYS!




Unlock the true essence of freedom, embody the spirit of the alpha in all aspects of life, and step into the life you were destined to live. "Hunting for Greatness the Native Ways" personal coaching is not just a program; it's a transformative journey back to your roots, to the land's wisdom and our ancestors' ancient teachings. It's about harnessing that timeless knowledge to elevate every facet of your existence—spiritually, physically, and mentally.



Get Inspired

Immerse in a simple life with Hunting For Greatness

The 'Hunting for Greatness' sign displayed atop the first-ever real teepee built by First Nation Algonquin Chief Pat Gatz.

Authentic Living

Escape the 9-5 grind, live a simple and fulfilling life.

Chief Pat Gatz - Little Eagle, dressed in hunting camouflage gear, enthusiastically giving the rock sign, embodying outdoors.

Nature's Embrace

Learn to live off the grid, discovering your true self in nature's bosom.

Chief Pat Gatz - Little Eagle in full hunting camouflage gear, expertly shooting his NV 32 Blackout Compound bow.

We arm you with essential resources and knowledge for your journey towards a natural existence.

Resourceful Guidance

Bring Nature Home With Hunting For Greatness

In the swift pace of the modern world, individuals suffer from a disconnect with the tranquility and simplicity of Mother Nature. The result is an unfulfilled life driven by societal norms and expectations!

“If we don't carry on our old ways, they will be lost forever. I am a proud First Nation Algonquin Native here to speak for our people and spread our history. This makes Hunting for Greatness and The Simple Hunting Guide one-of-kind.”

- Pat Gatz, Author & Hunter.

First Nation Algonquin Native Pat Gatz A.K.A. Little Eagle holding a customed made Eagle feather.

"Immerse yourself in the rich Algonquin heritage with Chief Pat Gatz's captivating hunting book series. Each book offers a unique exploration of the Eagle Village First Nation Kipawa's traditions and wisdom, bridging the gap between humanity and Mother Nature! These aren't just hunting guides; they're a testament to the profound respect and understanding the Algonquin people have for nature. Embark on this enlightening journey and reconnect with the natural world!"

Hunting for Greatness logo with YouTube Channel name: The Native Ways on top of Hunting for Greatness logo.
Mock-up display of Pat Gatz's book 'The Ultimate Hunters Wild Game Cookbook Guide: 200+ Mouth-Watering Recipes.

Step 1:

Purchase our resources and begin your journey.

Inviting outdoor fire pit surrounded by natural stone, with glowing embers and flames, perfect for backyard gatherings.

Step 2:

Learn and implement the practices we teach for an authentic and natural lifestyle.

Chief Pat Gatz - Little Eagle standing proudly beside the 'Hunting For Greatness' truck in the northern wilderness bush!

Embrace the changes and grow closer to nature, leading a fulfilling life.

Step 3:

Expect an array of resources aiding in your quest of an authentic life when you take the first step. During the process, you'll learn to assimilate our teachings for a life off the grid and closer to nature! Eventually, you'll be living your ideal life - authentic, fulfilling, and in harmony with Mother Nature!

Transform Your Life with Nature's Wisdom - Start Your Journey Today!

Experience true happiness by living the only way, the right way, THE NATIVE WAYS!

Books by Pat Gatz

Pat Gatz Scouting & Tracking Logbook for Adults to log hunting adventures, sketch drawings, and keep track scouting.
Front cover of 'The Simple Hunting Guide' by Pat Gatz, featuring bold, eye-catching graphics and the title.
Front cover of 'Eat My Meat' by Pat Gatz, featuring bold, eye-catching graphics and the title.
Pat Gatz Exploring Outdoors Logbook For Kids to draw, doodle, explore the outdoors and be able to track their outdoor trips.
Mock-up display of Pat Gatz's book 'The Ultimate Hunters Wild Game Cookbook Guide: 200+ Mouth-Watering Recipes.

Join the Native Family: Embrace the Only Way, the Right Way, The Native Ways!

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