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The Ultimate Hunters Wild Game Cookbook Guide.

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Born in Northern Ontario, where the most isolated, dense forests and thick marshes run for miles until the eye can't see, Pat Gatz is a master hunter. He is from the Eagle Village First Nation - Kipawa Indian Reserve, also known as Kebaowek, a First Nations reserve in Abitibi-T'emiscamingue, Quebec.

Pat started hunting when he was six years old and has been hunting for over thirty years. For him, hunting is a way to connect to wonderful, peaceful, beautiful mother nature and a key to true happiness! MIGWETCH! THANK YOU!

Pat sees hunting as a healthy and magnificent way of life that all humans should learn to appreciate. If it weren’t for hunting and gathering - we would not exist today!  Through his books and guides, he wants to share his extensive knowledge and experience with other people and slowly ease them into the hunting world. Pat Gatz is paving the path for the digital generation to reconnect with mother nature and begin their hunting journey with an appreciation of tradition.

Designed specifically for beginners, this unique learning experience empowers new hunters to dive into the sport with the knowledge and confidence they need to survive and thrive in an unfamiliar environment. Rapidly gaining recognition across North America, The Simple Hunting Guide is ushering in a new era of younger hunters intrigued and fascinated with a seemingly lost sport.

“If we don't carry on our old ways, they will be lost forever. I am a proud First Nation Algonquin Native here to speak for our people and spread our history. This makes Hunting for Greatness and The Simple Hunting Guide one-of-kind.”

- Pat Gatz, Author & Hunter.

First Nation Algonquin Native Pat Gatz A.K.A. Little Eagle holding a customed made Eagle feather.

Pat Gatz

Scouting & Tracking Logbook for Adults.

Books by Pat Gatz

The Simple Hunting Guide book.
Eat My Meat book.
Exploring Outdoors Logbook For Kids.

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