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Find your natural existence with Hunting For Greatness.

We facilitate your reconnection with nature by equipping you with the right resources.

City dwellers, corporate executives, and modern world citizens often find themselves disconnected from the calm and simplicity of nature.

Hunting For Greatness fills this gap by providing insightful guides, videos, and blogs along with captivating books and cookbooks to lead you back to nature.

Immerse in an authentic life with Hunting For Greatness

Authentic Living

Escape the 9-5 grind, live a simple and fulfilling life.

Nature's Embrace

Learn to live off the grid, discovering your true self in nature's bosom.

We arm you with essential resources and knowledge for your journey towards a natural existence.

Resourceful Guidance

Bring Nature Home With Hunting For Greatness

In the swift pace of the modern world, individuals suffer from a disconnect with the tranquility and simplicity of nature. The result is an unfulfilled life driven by societal norms and expectations.

“If we don't carry on our old ways, they will be lost forever. I am a proud First Nation Algonquin Native here to speak for our people and spread our history. This makes Hunting for Greatness and The Simple Hunting Guide one-of-kind.”

- Pat Gatz, Author & Hunter.

First Nation Algonquin Native Pat Gatz A.K.A. Little Eagle holding a customed made Eagle feather.

Hunting For Greatness arises as a beacon of hope in this scenario. We provide resources and knowledge that facilitate your transition towards living off the grid, immersing yourself in the soothing embrace of mother nature, and living authentically.

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Start your journey towards a fulfilling life by buying our resources, learn from our guides, and implement them for a natural existence.

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Step 1:

Purchase our resources and begin your journey.


Step 2:

Learn and implement the practices we teach for an authentic and natural lifestyle.

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Embrace the changes and grow closer to nature, leading a fulfilling life.

Step 3:

Expect an array of resources aiding in your quest of an authentic life when you take the first step. During the process, you'll learn to assimilate our teachings for a life off the grid and closer to nature. Eventually, you'll be living your ideal life - authentic, fulfilling, and in harmony with nature.

Don't risk living a life defined by societal norms and devoid of authenticity.

Experience true happiness by living closer to nature, fostering a fulfilling and authentic existence.

Books by Pat Gatz

Scouting & Tracking Logbook for Adults.
The Simple Hunting Guide book.
Eat My Meat book.
Exploring Outdoors Logbook For Kids.
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The Field Dressing Starters Guide.
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