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Are you tired of reading multiple hunting books but giving up finding that ultimate all-in-one hunting book!

Reading 101 hunting books is over!

Many years of reading different hunting books, hunting mistakes, and a specific hunting book that could have helped! First Nation Algonquin Pat Gatz shares his 20 years of hunting experience! A hunting book that covers multiple hunting books in one, “ The Simple Hunting Guide - Beginners Quick Start with Ease - Tracking, Scouting, and Survival Skills,” takes you back to basics.

I wanted something real! Hunting has a bad reputation and has been decreasing in popularity. One of those factors is how hard it is to learn how to hunt unless you know someone who hunts! A grandfather, father, uncle, friend, if none, you are on your own? I wanted to share with the world the wonders of mother nature!

I was in your shoes at one point of my life and wanted to be able to change that for future generations to come! The hunting book “ The Simple Hunting Guide” takes you from the first time you were curious about the great outdoors into the forest like a seasoned vet without reading 20 hunting books. Easy to follow and starts you off from the beginning to be ready to go on your first hunt.

Get Enjoying The Great Outdoors Instantly With The Simple Hunting Book

● Basic Hunter Education

● Practical Survival Equipment And Gear

● How To Survive - What Every Hunter Must Know

● Small Game For Starters

● Identifying Signs And Tracks

● Better Scout More Than You Hunt

● Practice Makes a Master

● Dominate Your First Hunt

It’s like you read 10 hunting books. So make sure you read to the end. That way, you can find out for yourself.

No matter where you are in the world, you generally know where our food comes from. Fruits, vegetables, and meat come from farms before arriving in the shops and on our plates. We need to be in control of where our food comes from. Or are we? Some people go away for a few days a year and return with freezers bursting with fresh wild meat. However, this meat wasn’t simply picked up at the grocery store. No, this meat was earned through many years of research, hard work, and the ability to be patient. I have spent years gathering the necessary information, licenses, and equipment before traveling to get this meat. I earn my living off the land through hunting.

Why try hunting if your food can be bought at any corner store? It is simple. Hunting is a way to replenish your meat stocks before winter and control where your food comes from, but it is so much more than that. It isn’t just about the food. It’s about getting out into nature and discovering its beauty. It’s a way to experience animals in their natural habitat and a way to protect them through conservation. A hunter does not go into the wilderness to kill. They go to harvest and make use of the animal. A true hunter never wastes any animal, be it a squirrel, a fish, a rabbit, or a moose. Hunting for survival allows you to have a naturally varied diet that is healthier than what is simply available in the grocery store.

Hunting is in everyone’s blood, as this is how our ancestors lived before they settled and started to farm. We should all know where we came from and how to survive off the land. Hunting is truly a primal skill that everyone will have a calling to at some point in their lives, and with this hunting book at your side, you will be able to follow through with your calling to the outdoors. If you are thinking about hunting, may this hunting book guide you with the knowledge that has taken me years to gather. Dive into this hunting grail, complete beginners hunting know-how manual, to discover the joy of being out in the wilderness, stalking your prey while respecting it at the same time! There is no time like the present to pick up this hunting book that will allow you the freedom that so many people long for.

I have spent many long, wet, hot, cold, and windy hours researching, making it easy to get outdoors! No need anymore scratching your head and reading multiple hunting books! I have poured my heart and soul into “The Simple Hunting Guide” hunting book to ensure that you can get out and enjoy mother nature to the fullest if you're young or old, female or male, big or small. Hunting is in your blood, so stop reading multiple hunting books and start your training to hunt to live, live to hunt!

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