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Deer Hunting For Kids, Start Them Young?

If you teach your kids deer hunting, your kids will know lifelong skills! Want to create a lifelong deer hunter?

Here are some tips to get your kids on the road to success!

We live in a crucial time for the sport of deer hunting. One of the most significant factors at play is the aging of the deer hunting community. Approximately for every 100 hunters lost to age, only 69 young hunters take up hunting. Hunting is a dying sport, and we are not teaching enough of our kids to replenish our aging ranks.

Here are some tips to give your kids a great experience!

1. Make Your Hunts Exciting

It’s important to talk to your kids about hunting before it happens. The hunt is all about anticipation, especially deer hunting for kids. Let them know how important hunting is to the survival of humanity. Get involved.

2. Involve Your Kids In Planning & Preparation

It’s imperative to teach your kids every step of planning & preparation and not just let them experience the fun of hunting. The young hunter needs to learn to make a hunting list, packing, scouting, and opening camp.

3. Focus The Hunt On Them

Young hunters need a lot of attention - mentoring and instruction on everything from firearm safety, tree stand safety, scouting, tracking, identifying wildlife, and hunting techniques. You’ve shot deer, so make it all about them.

4. Plenty Of Shooting Practice

Shooting is critical to any hunter, especially your young hunter. The best way to make them a great shooter and comfortable is to practice, practice, and practice. You can never practice shooting enough. Be positive, and get them confident when they are out hunting.

5. Gear Them Properly

Make sure you give them proper gear, so they are comfortable. We all know if you don’t have adequate gear, it can make your hunt a nightmare! You want your kids to enjoy themselves for many exciting hunting adventures for years to come.

6. Avoid Bad Weather

Deer hunting is hard enough. Deer hunting with kids is even harder, so you don’t need the extra stress of dealing with bad weather. You are making a future deer hunter, so teach them first in pleasant conditions and slowly introduce different hunting conditions as they age.

7. Don’t Baby Them

Get your kids out of bed at oh-dark-thirty. Be positive and have a good attitude. Teach them that getting up early to go deer hunting is exciting and a privilege. I always say, “ You can catch up on sleep when it’s not hunting season. Don’t be afraid to walk reasonable distances and bet in the bush for a good amount of time. We all know that to be a successful deer hunter you must put in your time. You’re teaching them to grow up a little bit and learn responsibility.

8. Make Everlasting Memories

Deer hunting with your kids will build everlasting memories. Always remember how you felt when you were learning how to deer hunt when you were a kid.


● Coach the shot

● Celebrate more than the killing

● Make them part of the crew

● Teach them field dressing

● Ask how they want to eat it

● Let them tell the hunting story

When it comes to hitting the woods with your future deer hunter. Your job is to concentrate on them and manage the experience, so that they have fun and want to come back for many years. I hope these deer hunting for kids tips helps out. Deer hunting’s future depends on it … and you!

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