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Deer Hunting For Beginners, Now What?

You have decided you want to deer hunt, eh! Are you sure?

It’s not for the weak!

Deer hunting is becoming the most popular hunting in North America, but it is one of the toughest animals to hunt. Beginner deer hunters just starting out needs to do their research first! Deer hunting for beginners needs to know hunting is 80% scouting & tracking and 20% pursuing your prey.

Deer hunting is a way to put meat in the freezer. I warned beginner deer hunters that deer hunting is not for the weak. Deer are the hardest animal to hunt, hands down, which makes a successful hunt! I have put this article on deer hunting for beginners. With knowledge, you will have a better chance of bagging your first deer.

That’s why hunting checklists are critical, especially if your deer hunt lasts longer than a day. Don’t worry, beginner deer hunters, and I have an easy method.

Beginners Deer Hunting Gear

● Hunting Equipment

● Hunting Clothing

● Hunting Essentials

● Hunting Accessories

Hunting Equipment

This is the most important category, in my opinion! It includes everything you need to have a successful hunt.

● Rifle or compound bow

● Scopes, rangefinders, and binoculars

● Tools for repair

● Ammo

● Hunting knife

● Shooting tripod

● Calls

Beginner deer hunters, as long as you have that as your bare minimum, you can learn to come home with some meat. Your hunting equipment is very important if you are going to put meat on the table.

Hunting Clothing

Your hunting clothing all depends on what kind of weather you are hunting in. Beginner deer hunters, I will give you an idea of the basics.

● Camo coat

● Camo pants

● Camo hat or balaclava

● Camo sweater

● Camo shirt

● Good hunting boots

● Wool socks

● Camo backpack

Depending on what season it is:

● Spring - Rain gear & waterproof equipment because of all the rain

● Summer - Good hiking boots for the rough terrain

● Fall - Warmer clothing like sweaters, thicker socks, and light gloves

● Winter - Snowsuit, thick bibs, and insulated boots

Always dress in layers because it’s always easier to remove clothing than not having it at all.

Hunting Essentials

Hunting essentials are everything you need if you are hunting for a couple of days like:

● First aid kit

● Shower kit

● Sleeping bag and pillow

● Extra water & supplies

A little advice for beginner deer hunters is that theirs things to cheap out on, and there are things you just DON’T! A good quality sleeping bag, and pillow are crucial because after a long day in the woods, you just want to sleep in a nice, comfortable, warm bed.

Hunting Accessories

Deer hunting for beginners, your hunting accessories I have the main ones I always bring, and other accessories are optional:

● Scent eliminators, cover scent, and deer lures

● Game cameras

● Tree stands or Ground blinds

● Ground blind chair

● Lights, compass, snacks

● Licenses

Deer hunting for beginners is the basics. It gives you a guide to follow to make sure you don’t forget anything. The worst thing is getting out to your hunting spot and forgetting something. Take this as a guide, and you tweak it to what works best for your deer hunt! The best advice I can give you beginner deer hunters is to do your research and go have some fun in the great outdoors!


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